3 - Climate Change Cinema: Le jardin d’Ewald

3 - Climate Change Cinema: Le jardin d’Ewald

Issued: Wed, 12 Apr 2017 18:57:00 BST

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8th June
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Please note there has been a change in film shown at this event from the print programme and some web listings.  'The Silent Achiever' has been replaced by the following:

Glasgow Science Festival presents a free screening of Alexandra Pile's film, 'Le jardin d'Ewald'

The film follows the attempts of Senegalese people to outwit one of the greatest mass murderers of our time: drought.

The disappearance of water, plants and animals from rural Senegal can’t be prevented, calculated or stopped. Or can it? A farmer, artist, gardener and young boy from Senegal have one thing in common: mastering everyday life without water in one of the driest regions on earth. The race for the best strategy for tackling climate change has already begun. A balancing act between tradition and innovation, country life and the lure of the city. 
Trailer on Vimeo - https://vimeo.com/135950715

The film will be followed by a panel Q&A, with scientists and filmmakers from across the globe.


Panel: 2 minute video by filmmaker, Vera Rogrigues and Sandra Rafael. 

Chair: Ellie Murtagh.

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